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Essential Communications Ltd continues to evolve into a worldwide recruitment agency, specialized in providing Ugandan Personal Security Details Teams, Quick Reaction Force Teams, Site Security Managers, Security Guards, Security Guard Supervisors, Shift Supervisors, Special Operational logistics and Administrators to support Multinational Private Security Organizations providing Protective Security and Risk advisory services to governments, Multinational Co-operations and International Peace & Security Agencies operating in hostile or sensitive environments. Essential Communications will, in all aspects, meet or exceed your clients’ personnel the requirements and is confident of contract delivery based on;

  • The most experienced and qualified full service and licensed recruitment and placement agency in Uganda having provided Ugandan Security Guards, Security Guard supervisors, Aviation Security Personnel, K9 Handlers and QRF Teams to Private Security Organizations providing Protective Security and Risk advisory services to governments, Multinational Cooperation and International Peace and Security Agencies operating in hostile or sensitive environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries in the Middle East.
  • Over 10 years’ experience implementing United States Department of Defense and Department of State Security Guarding contracts, Oil and Gas contracts, International Airport Security Management Contracts among others….
  • Big Database of Ugandan Security Specialists/Personnel with over Six years’ experience in military and law enforcement, Securing Forward Operating Bases (FOB), Oil and Gas installations, Airport Facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. These include among others, Personnel Detail Teams, Quick Reaction Teams,K9 EDD Handlers, Guard Supervisors, Static Guards, Watch Keepers, among other security professions.
  • Our proposed personnel are reliable, dedicated and able to handle a high-volume workload for long hours with good leadership skills, command and are team players. They maintain high level of Operation Security Standards while on duty with good administrative skills producing mission paperwork and reports in a timely manner.
  • Dedicated and Proactive Recruitment, Vetting, Screening and Training teams who are familiar with United States Dept of Defense, US Dept. of State, the Canadian Embassy and the Oil and Gas industry security contracts in governments of Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • An experienced dedicated Deployment and Logistics team to implement all regulatory and legal requirements as per Government of Uganda guidelines in deploying Ugandan Migrant Workers as per the Ugandan labor laws and  regulations. 
  • Dedicated team and hot line support center for all welfare related matters for all personnel and their families that have been deployed through Essential Communications Ltd.